The LH4: Lightning Hybrids Strike with New Technology and Style

I love watching new technologies develop. Especially when it’s in my backyard. Based in Loveland, Colorado, Lightning Hybrids is working on some very cool stuff.

Take leading hydraulic technology and combine it with a bio-diesel engine and you get a cutting edge hybrid called the LH4.


Sleek, sexy, and fun, this car brings it. If getting over 100 miles per gallon isn’t enough, how about 0-60 in 5.9 seconds. Pretty good for a hybrid. The LH4 is a 4-seat compact sports sedan propelled by 240 hp of bio-diesel and hydraulic power. Scheduled for release in 2010, the LH4 is the poster child for exciting new things to come. Lightning Hybrids also manufactures a three wheel version called the LH3.

Lightning strikes again! This time it’s electric. Lightning Hybrids is also developing a full electric vehicle (EV) and a bio-diesel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Plans for both vehicles include all the bells and whistles to appeal to a mass market and are being developed in conjunction with new 3D Cu2Sb Nano Technology battery research at Colorado State University. The all electric vehicle is slated to get a 100 mile range on a 15 minute battery charge. The bio-diesel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle will feature a 40 mile all-electric range with additional range and power provided by a 1.4 liter bio-diesel engine. The target base price for both vehicles is under $40,000.

Lightning Hybrids is applying for over $50 million in grants for research and development of these vehicles. If funding is received, Lightning Hybrids plans to manufacture the vehicles in Loveland and eventually provide over 300 clean-tech jobs. Lightning Hybrids is urging everyone to contact their local and state representatives and request that they support Lightning Hybrids proposal to reduce dependence on foreign oil, create American jobs and work towards a more sustainable future.

For more information about Lightning Hybrids, visit their website at:



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