Advancing Renewable Energy with the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory

The Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory announced this week that the Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion (CRSP) has provided $800,000 of funding for 10 advanced solar research projects in Colorado.

Allocated to the four research institutions in Colorado that comprise the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory; Colorado State University, Colorado University-Boulder, Colorado School of Mines and the DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratories, the funding was provided from CRSP corporate members and matching funds from the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory via the State of Colorado.

CRSP scientific director Craig Taylor stated that the advanced solar research “…underpins renewable energy technologies, commonly called third-generation solar photon conversion, for the highly efficient and cost-competitive production of both electricity and fuels via direct solar processes.”

CRSP has fourteen corporate members that include: Abengoa Solar PV, Applied Materials, Ascent Solar Technologies, DuPont, Evident Technologies, G24 Innovations, General Motors, Konarka, Lockheed Martin, Motech Industries, Sharp, Tokyo Electron, Toyota and ZettaSun.

The best part of this story is that the CRSP is just one of six Research Centers included in the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory.

The Collaboratory website defines this mission:

“-Create and speed the commercialization of renewable energy technologies, energy management systems, and energy efficiency

-Support economic growth in Colorado and the nation with renewable energy industries

-Educate our nation’s finest energy researchers, technicians, and workforce.”

The six research centers include:

Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels

Center for Revolutionary Solar Photoconversion

SolarTAC (Solar Technology Acceleration Center) – Research Partnership

Center for Research and Education in Wind (CREW)

Carbon Management Center

Energy Efficiency & Management Center

The Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory has successfully integrated four world-class research institutions with six cutting edge research centers and top corporate partners from around the world to create an exciting environment for the rapid advancement of renewable energy technologies.

Since its inception in 2007, the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory has collaborated on numerous renewable energy projects. From solar projects to convert sunshine into electricity and fuel to partnerships with corporate sponsors like ConocoPhillips who invested $5 million to research biorefining and biofuels, the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory is gaining momentum with each new project. Stay tuned for the results!

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