SolarTalk: Solar Inverters with Fronius USA

Fronius USA talked shop about solar inverters recently at the Fronius Inverter Training in Denver. Highlighting their Grid-Connected PV Inverters, Fronius representatives detailed information about inverter basics, safety, features, installation, system monitoring, support and warranty during the four hour session.

Training on Fronius IG, IG Plus and CL series inverters included continuing education credits toward the NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certification.

Offering extensive technical and field support, Fronius Technical Support representative, Dan “D-Bone” Fortsen, outlined diagnostic support, replacement parts delivery time-frame, warranty and trouble shooting.

Yes, all of the support team are required to have a nickname by orders from their technical support manager, Moe “Papa Bear” Mahone. And since it’s such a cool nickname, we’ll just go with “D-Bone” from here on out.  D-Bone has several decades of pv installation experience and fielded questions from a room of experienced solar installers culminating the session with an operational inverter demonstration.

Fronius USA offers inverters designed for easy installation and I was impressed with replacement product, technical and field support Fronius offers. It was noted that the Fronius inverter warranty covers the inverters for temperature ranges of -13 to 122 degrees fahrenheit. Since it is common in Colorado to have temperatures below -13 in the winter months, Fronius inverters currently installed outdoors in Colorado have more than likely invalidated the warranty. D-Bone stated that each inverter has a computer log of daily high and low temperatures and it is the first thing they check when an inverter is returned under warranty. For Fronius solar inverters installed in Colorado, this requires installation indoors or in an area that has temperatures of -13 or above.

The Fronius website provides a number of helpful tools for installation including the Fronius Configuration Tool for IG and IG Plus series converters and Fronius Solar.web which provides personal monitoring of system data via the internet.

Special thanks to Brad Ritter and Ken Oatman at Solar Solutions and Distribution for the invitation and coordination of this informative event.

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For more information, visit Fronius USA Solar Electronics website: 


Solar Solutions and Distribution in Denver to purchase:


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